Performing Old French narrative: 27 November 2013

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Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 5.25.32 PM27 November 2013
12:00 noon, MEEKISON ARTS STUDENT SPACE (Buchanan D-140)
Student performances of Old French narrative
—ERS / Chantal Phan’s FREN 407A class


A musical performance of Medieval French narratives (with English commentary and translation), featuring STUDENTS FROM  FRENCH 407 AND FROM THE SCHOOL OF MUSIC


1.  ‘Roland at Roncevaux’ (from the 11th-c. Song of Roland);

Two passages from the oldest epic in the French language, that tells the dark story of a battle during which pride and treason lead to disaster.

2. ‘The Crow and the Fox’ (from the Romance of Renart, 12th-13th c.)

In this excerpt from a humorous satire of human society, a sneaky fox fools a conceited crow, but then is caught at his own game.

Interpolated music:
Two polyphonic French motets (13th c.), a Gregorian lament, an instrumental estampie.

Maegan Andolfatto, Kevin Dickie, John Inglis, Colin Jones (soloist), Line Lavoie, Maria Marion, Chantal Phan, Angelique Po, Jennine Punzalan, Chloe Sargent.

Line Lavoie (percussion), Chantal Phan (organetto), Angelique Po (recorder), Pat Unruh (bowed vielle).

Conception and arrangements:
Chantal Phan, Pat Unruh

At the MEEKISON ARTS STUDENT SPACE (Buchanan Building, 1866 Main Mall,
room D-140),

NOVEMBER 27, 2013, from 12:00 noon to 12:50.



Poster in French (PDF)

Poster in English (PDF)

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