Hélène Gautier: 25 February 2013

14 February 2013 Comments Off on Hélène Gautier: 25 February 2013

12:00 noon
Buchanan Tower 826

Hélène Gautier (ENS-Lyon)
“Joachim Du Bellay lecteur de Virgile”

Sousse mosaic birds eating grapes

Musée archéologique de Sousse, Tunisia: (song-)thrushes picking at olives in a basket; mosaic, Roman, c. 2nd c. CE. [No actual connection to the talk: just JÓB waxing metaphorical.]

This talk will be in French.

Ms Gautier is a sixteenth-century scholar at the École normale supérieure de Lyon. Her Masters thesis was on connections linking Du Bellay, Horace, and Juvenal. Her current work continues this exploration of the Bellayan œuvre, deepening understanding of its borrowings from Latin poetry.

(UBC Early Romance Studies)


(click for full poster in PDF)

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