Marvin Cohodas & Haijo Westra: Fri. 23 Nov. 2012

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12.00 noon – 1.30 p.m.
Buchanan Tower 826
Given the time of this meeting, feel free to bring a sandwich. Cookies and juice provided.

(Art History, Visual Art and Theory; UBC)
”The Dance of the Conquest of Guatemala (16th c. to the present)”

Professor Cohodas’s interests encompass ancient American visual representation (i.e. ‘Pre-Hispanic Art’), contemporary ritual and weaving arts of Maya peoples in Southern Mexico and Guatemala, and Native American basket weaving in California and Nevada.

His current research project concerns the “Dance of the Conquest” ( in Guatemala, a ritual proselytizing dance-drama with masks and costumes that may be nearly 500 years old, set to a text written by a Spanish Franciscan friar some time between 1570 and 1620, and in some communities is presented annually for the festival of the patron saint. Prof. Cohodas is interested in: the history of the dance, its theatrical, musical, dramatic and visual aspects; its use as a ritual offering; and its potential for expression of resistance towards the dominant non-Maya majority in Guatemala.


(Emeritus Professor of Greek and Roman Studies, University of Calgary)

“Vergil and New France: The Fate of the Trojans as Paradigm for the Jesuits in Quebec ca. 1650”

While the paper on which this talk is based is in French, there will be an English summary of it, and discussion in French and/or English. Full reference for the paper concerned: “Références classiques implicites et explicites dans les écrits des Jésuites sur la Nouvelle-France,” Tangence 92 (winter 2010): 27-37.

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