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Meeting: Friday 9 September 2011, 3.00-4.00 p.m., BuTo 799

Notes (of a brief and perfunctory nature):

Introduction–what The Cluster is and does, what it’s done in the past, what’s planned for this year (the Medieval Workshop), floor opened to volunteers to give papers, other suggestions,…

The main portion of the meeting was spent trying valiantly to figure out what times would be possible. Given the logistics of graduate seminars, assorted members’ teaching, the dept. research seminar, etc.

Interest was expressed in repeating last year’s information sessions with librarians (area and period-specific resources); and possibly one with the new mss & rare books specialist librarian.


Marielyse Torgeon-Solis

Monika Edinger

Deborah Moniuk

Juliet O’Brien

Margherita Romengo

Chantal Phan

Ben Huberman

Nancy Frelick

Rene Bautista

Jamille Barreto

Talks this term:

Thursdays, 6:00 p.m., Buchanan Tower 799 (FHIS Lounge)

  • 6 October: Margherita (16th c. French–Marguerite de Navarre)
  • 20 October: Marielyse (18th c. French)
  • 3 November: Chantal (medieval French/Occitan poetry)
  • 17 November: Rene (17th c. Spanish poetry)
  • 1 December: TBC: article-feast reading-party (hosted chez O’Brien) OR talk by visiting semi-external guest speaker

+ first week of January: article-feast reading-party (hosted chez O’Brien) OR talk by visiting semi-external guest speaker

Other events this term:

  • 30 September – 1 October: FHIS graduate student conference
  • 27-30 October: Nancy & Margherita will be in Texas for the 16th c. Soc. conference

Next term: talks / research presentations by Ben, Monika, Jamille (and our visiting semi-external guest speaker)

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