Niall Christie: Sat. 10 September 2011

6 September 2011 Comments Off on Niall Christie: Sat. 10 September 2011

Saturday 10 September 1.30-3.00 p.m.
SFU Vancouver, Harbour Centre Room 1900
Lecture: Niall Christie: “The Crusades: What are they and why are they still relevant?”

Media portrays the Crusades as fierce battles between Christian knights and Muslim warriors, while some suggest they were a wider “clash of civilizations” between the western, Christian world and the Muslim Middle East. Are these depictions accurate?
This lecture will seek to find an answer to this question, considering both the historical realities of the period and its impact on the modern world.

This lecture is free and open to the public. Please reserve a seat at

Niall Christie teaches history and religious studies at Corpus Christie College (Vancouver) and is the college’s expert on Islam and the Middle East.


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