Next meeting: Thurs. 25 Nov. 2010 POSTPONED

9 November 2010 Comments Off on Next meeting: Thurs. 25 Nov. 2010 POSTPONED


6.00-7.30 p.m., Music Research Room.
Our next meeting will include a presentation by Marina Lushchenko and a session on manuscripts (Juliet O’Brien and Chantal Phan, with Kirsten Walsh).

1. Presentation:
Talk: t.b.a.

2. Manuscripts:
We will be tackling manuscript study, palaeography, codicology, and digital philology; the session is intended as an introduction and rapid overview; and for newcomers to the area and other curious parties (graduate student and other). We will also be able to look at some facsimiles, and Kirsten Walsh, Music librarian, has very generously agreed to stay late that day to guide us in our quest and provide further insider knowledge; along similar lines to last week’s one, and, again, gracious help from specialist librarians (Susan Paterson, Keith Bunnell, and Mary Luebbe).

A period classic: Henry Charles Lea library, Philadelphia

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