Michael Barry: Fri. 15 Oct. 2010

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1.00 – 2.00 p.m., Green College. Keynote lecture for the 39th UBC Annual Medieval Studies Workshop:

“The Moor of Venice: Averroës and the Representations of Islamic Philosophy in Medieval and Renaissance European Art”

Michael Barry has lectured in Princeton’s Near Eastern Studies Department since 2004 on the medieval and modern Islamic cultures of Iran, India, Pakistan, and most especially Afghanistan—where his work over more than four decades has ranged from anthropological research to defense of human rights and coordinating humanitarian assistance for the Paris-based International Federation for Human Rights, for Médecins du Monde, and for the United Nations. He has published extensively in both his writing languages, English and French; his academic works have been translated into Persian and a half-dozen European versions; and he holds seven literary prizes from France and Iran.

He is also Consultant to the Aga Khan for Culture on Islamic Art and Museum Issues.

  • For further information about him, see here
  • For the paper abstract, please see here.

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